This year the SAMPE Benelux 2022 Students’ meeting was held on Tuesday May 17th 2022at TPRC, the Netherlands.

We can look back at an enjoyable, and fruitful meeting with overall high quality of the presentations (congrats!) and two winners selected by the jury based on the relevance of their subjects, the significant contribution and quality of their own work in the overall projects, the quality of presentation and answers to the Q&A:

In the category MSc:

Arianna Tavano – KU Leuven with a presentation on “Exploring biaxially oriented polypropylene laminates for suitcase application: a time-dependency analysis of mechanical performance”

In the category PhD:

Sofie Verstraete – KU Leuven with a presentation on “Evaluation of the mechanical performance of short straw flax fiber reinforced polylactic-acid (PLA) composites”

Congratulations to all of you for the presentations and the work done and especially Arianna and Sofie, who presented their work at yesterday’s SAMPE spring meeting for the complete SAMPE BNL community and were well-received: SAMPE BNL has worthy representatives at SAMPE Europe student contest this fall!

You can download the enclosed book of abstracts here.