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SAMPE Benelux chapter membership


The SAMPE Benelux organization welcomes new members from academia and industry. The membership fees as of January 1st, 2016 are:

  • Professional membership including a paper copy of the SAMPE Journal: € 90.00
  • Professional membership with online version of the SAMPE Journal: € 80.00
  • Student membership including a paper copy of the SAMPE Journal: € 30.00
  • Student membership with online version of the SAMPE Journal: € 20.00

The membership form is also available for download here
Or you can register directly on the SAMPE Europe website.

Increase membership dues


Since many years the SAMPE membership dues in Europe have been maintained at the same level, for professional members € 80.00. Due to the increase of the costs to service the members in Europe the SAMPE Europe Board has decided to increase the annual dues with an amount of € 10.00.

The main cause for the rise in costs is the increased exchange rate of the US dollar. A major part of the cost in US dollar is the mailing to the members of the SAMPE Journal. With the increased dues rate (€ 90.00 for professional members) a member will continue to receive the paper copy of the SAMPE Journal.

However, existing members that renew their membership have the option to receive a discount on the full membership rate of € 10.00 by selecting only the digital version of the SAMPE Journal. You can view the SAMPE Journal online by logging in to your SAMPE Account and selecting the "Members Only" tab at


The Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) is an international organization devoted to the promotion of technical excellence in material and process engineering, totaling more than 4000 engineers, technologists and materials scientists.