SAMPE Benelux fall meeting 2020

On 17 November 2020, 75 SAMPE Benelux members enjoyed a virtual meeting hosted by Solvay, Brussels. The meeting was introduced by Pascal Metivier, the Science and Technology Director and by Didier Delimoy, the Head of the Materials Science Application Center at Solvay Brussels. Through a virtual tour, Solvay showed how the Customer Engagement Center accelerates the market adoption of thermoplastic composites through providing virtual engineering, prototyping and advanced mechanical testing. Four technical presentations on thermoplastic composites completed the program: Johannes Treiber of Solvay presented Solvay`s development of thermoplastic composites in key markets; Bart Buffel of KU Leuven showed how numerical simulations can aid fiber reinforced hybrid injection moulding; Philipp Seinsche showed Engel`s new line for tailored composite blanks production and Jan Verhaeghe of Agesia showed how the structural use of thermoplastic composites in transport applications can be accelerated through extensive digitalization.