SAMPE BENELUX Bridge Building Contest 2017

SAMPE Benelux presents: "The Bridge Building Contest"

Since years SAMPE chapters worldwide (e.g. France, Switzerland, US) organize bridge design contests between engineering student teams in their chapter. SAMPE Benelux now would like to offer- for the first time - the same challenge to Benelux engineering students for the academic year 2017-2018.

The only thing we need are enthusiastic student groups who want to win the SAMPE Benelux contest!

The strongest, lightest and most creative bridge designs will be tested on 22nd of March 2018. The winning team takes home €400! SAMPE Benelux works with sponsors to deliver the materials to you to produce the bridge you designed, using carbon and glass fibre, epoxy resin, structural foam or bio-materials. The ancillary materials for production shall be used by preference from the universities or supplied by supporting companies.

To promote this Bridge Building Contest we are looking for enthusiastic teachers/professors or mentors who will help us. Look at the Flyer with the detailed information and a promotion Poster which can be used in lessons and/or printed as poster to promote this contest as much as possible. By the latest of 10th of November the student teams are expected to subscribe via email with the information requested in the detailed flyer.


UPDATE: FAQ can be found here